Red Line makes life a little easier for our motor carriers.

The most important reason to choose Red Line Logistics is that we offer steady local loads with the objective of getting you home at the end of every shift. Unlike traditional over-the-road freight companies, our loads usually travel from one local site to another. That's why, over our 50-year history, we've always used local drivers and motor carriers. When you work with us, you can usually deliver five or six full loads in a day, while someone driving over the road may not even complete a single load in the same amount of time.

If you think the Red Line way of doing business might be a good match for you and your career objectives, we are ready to arrange trailers for bulk materials deliveries. All you need is a truck (2-axle-truck), a willingness to handle consistent loads, and the desire to be home with your family every night.

Ready to start spending evenings at home?
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